About W. Peter Daniels

1370023101_imagesCANJHGVVBuilding on extensive experience in community hospital and urban medical center management, W. Peter Daniels served as president and CEO of a large Illinois health care system until early 2013. He led the organization in meeting system-wide objectives and guided overall strategic direction. W. Peter Daniels also spearheaded the implementation of advanced technologies such as a DaVinci surgical robot and service delivery innovations including food production and distribution systems and RFID technologies.

Mr. Daniels earned his B.S. in biology at the University of Notre Dame and subsequently completed an MBA at Long Island University. Throughout the early 1990s, he served as senior vice president of operations with Our Lady of Mercy Medical Center and health care system in the Bronx, New York, where he focused on new program development and regulatory compliance. From 1999 to 2002, Mr. Daniels served as president and CEO of Southampton Hospital in New York state. He managed all aspects of the hospital and related clinical programs. A significant accomplishment involved raising more than $3 million each year through a variety of fundraising pathways. Active in volunteer capacities with the Boy Scouts of America, W. Peter Daniels earned the Jersey Shore Council’s Good Turn Award in 2006.


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